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Re: Does XFS work with LVM?

On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 12:25:37PM +0100, rafiks wrote:
> [quote]I had a WD Cavier that died. I think the bearing overheated and the
> speed wasn't constant as it squeeled. After I powered-off and it
> cooled, the JFS was able to sort itself out and I saved the data.[/quote]
> Is it that bad with this drives? They seem to be so cheap in ebay that I 
> just bought one. I hope it doesn't happen to mine..

Personally, I've never bought a WD new just inherited them when people
give me their unstable computers.  They have all failed somewhat at some
time although I don't know how they were treated before I got them.  

For new drives I only by Seagate.

I have a Maxtor 512 MB that came in my IBM 486 in 1994 that only
recently started getting errors.  Then again, I have an IBM 171 MB that
came in a 386, dated 1987, that is still fine.  I have a full debian
Sarge setup on it I use on old boxes like one would use a bootable CDROM
or USB stick on a new one: as a rescue drive.

I now never have just one drive; I raid1 the system stuff just in case.

So my advice: if you're buying drives off eBay because they're cheap,
buy more and raid them.  If they have S.M.A.R.T. then install
smartmontools to keep track of them, and watch syslog for drive errors.




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