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Re: Change quota warning message?

>"Roberto C. Sanchez" <roberto@connexer.com> wrote:

> Greetings. Please don't hijack someone else's thread.

Dear Roberto, what good would it have done me to post my question to a Spanish listserv when I don't speak or read Spanish?  I know only that the question was similar, but I do not know whether it was regarding the same problem.  As I said, I do not speak or read Spanish.

    >> On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 02:29:20PM -0800, HomeNet NW wrote:
    >> Greetings. I posted this to the Postfix forum, and a participant
    >> there suggested the quota warning message (see below) does not come
    >> from Postfix. I noted someone else posted a similar question to the
    >> Debian-users-Spanish listserv ( don't speak Spanish), so I thought
    >> perhaps I might check here to see if someone might be able to help.

> If you provide a link to the archive for the thread in Spanish I (or
> someone else here) can provide a sypnosized translation.


    >> Some of my users are getting emails every day that say "Your mailbox:
    >> user@isp.com is ## full. Once your e-mail box has exceeded your
    >> monthly storage quota your monthly billing will be automatically
    >> adjusted." I thought this message was from Postfix, but I've searched
    >> all of the configuration files and haven't found any reference to it.
    >> I need to change the message because we do NOT charge our users for
    >> going over their quotas--I just want to warn them so they'll clean
    >> their stuff off the server.
> What mail server (e.g., Cyrus, Courier IMAP, etc) are you using to allow
> the users access to their messages? It is likely that one that is
> generating the message.

Courier IMAP

    >> Does anyone know where I would change the wording of this message? I
    >> am not using VHCS, so the site you find through Google will not help.


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