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Re: Perl Programming within Debian

David Baron wrote:
... perl discussion snipped ...
With Windows, we bought a nice debugger--any one know of such a beast GPLed under Linux? Being able to watch those vairables was a life-saver. A decent IDE would be nice as well (For using .net, one has Microsoft's Visual Studion in Windows--result can run in linux using mono).

there's ddd (apt-get install ddd) which is a GUI frontend for other debuggers, for perl it uses perl itself (perl has build-in debugger), it's fairly intuitive (in a sense that it has menus and dialogs for all common debugger functionality) and also gives you direct access to perl debugger.

as far as IDE goes - xterms, vim or gvim (emacs?), etags etc. (as far as I can tell IDEs are mostly for environments where you don't have tools that play well together and no _good_ window managers)


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