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Re: digital pictures: reordering and renaming (in a different way)

H.S. wrote:
B-Fly wrote:

Google's Picasa 2 allows you to reorder photos with drag-and-drop and
batch renaming using the new ordering of the photos as basis for the
filename. Unfortunately it is based on wine, but they are nice enough to
supply a nice deb package.


I tried it out, in Windows. While searching google no how to use the batch mode in picasa, I discovered that Windows XP also has the feature to do this. In Picasa, the first selected image file is not named in the same format as the others in the selection. The non-first files are numbered sequentially, the first one has no number. But one can drag and drop the image files in the order desired.

In Windows XP, it is also possible to drag and drop the images files in the desired order and one can also rename the files. The format is a bit better than in Picasa, though still limited, but all files get numbered. However, in XP the numbering format is easily refined using a shell script afterwards.

So, this is a surprise for me actually (and a pleasant one for my Windows user friends) that this dragging and dropping files to order them and then to rename them in a batch mode was more easily accomplised in Windows than in Linux. Oh well ...


I have discovered that there is krename in KDE which can rename selected files. The order of the selected files can also be changed.

It has very powerful renaming features.

The only drawback of krename appears to be the lack of proper mouse support to drag and reorder the files to be renames. Currently, I think, one needs to click on the UP and DOWN arrow icons to move a selected file up or down; which could mean quite a many clicks to place a file in its proper place.

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