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Re: SSH doesn't work with RSA keys

> People, I have generated the key pair RSA from my root linux's user and
> then I copy my RSA public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys from the
> linux ssh server.


> After that I edit the sshd_config file and put permit
> rootlogin no

Erm, "to permit" means "to allow". You just locked out root (via ssh).
Don't do that if you want to allow root to login via ssh.

> and the correct path to the authorized_keys file. But when
> I execute from the client "ssh root@server" it doesn't enter and the
> password banner is showed.

That's what ssh does for every user that is not allowed to login at all
(if password login is enabled. Otherwise it will ask for a public key
and neglect it).

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