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Re: ssh client http(s) based

On Tue, 02 Jan 2007 23:59:29 +0100
MeneM <debian-user@maas-martin.nl> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I'm looking for a ssh client that runs on a webserver. Something I
> can connect to using a regular web browser and then connect to a ssh
> server from that server (Instead of the connection originating from
> the client)
> Trying to circumvent a firewall that only let's out port 80 and 443
> AND proxied.
> I've browsed sourceforge and googled on it, but i'm only able to find 
> java based clients, but they all start the ssh connection straight
> from the client instead of the server.
> Do you guys perhaps have a suggestion?
> Thanks,
> Mark

The perl script available at


will help you. See the comments in the script for details of the
required ssh client configuration. If I understand your requirements
correctly, this will give you what you want without the need for a web



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