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Re: mounting the minimum

gustavo halperin:
> I have some kernel-modules questions:
> After the linux  SO was started, can I check which modules of 
> "/etc/modules" was successfully mounted and aren't in use?

First: you do not mount modules, you just load them. Then: yes, lsmod
may help you with that. But there is no way to automatically detect
which modules you are actually using. You have to know which module does
what and then decide for yourself. Besides, unloading unnecessary
modules doesn't gain you anything besides a more concise output of
lsmod and maybe a few kilobytes of RAM.

If you still want to do that, I guess you would be better off compiling
your own kernel (preferebly "the Debian way" using kernel-package).

> Second, if I know the modules that aren't in use, Is OK if I remove 
> them from "/etc/modules" and mount them after the boot time using some 
> script or manually as root ?

Removing them from /etc/modules just to load them manually afterwards
doesn't make sense. but you are of course free to remove unwanted
modules from this file and forget about them.

> Last question: there are any way to have a "/etc/modules" file 
> corresponding to each kernel and her modules ?

None that I know of. But (apart from a message at boot time) it does no
harm having module names in there which are not part of your running

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