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Re: Where to go to learn about reducing electricity use?

On Tue, 02 Jan 2007 03:30:14 +0100, Douglas Tutty wrote:
> Why are you worried about power consumption on a desktop?

Hi Doug,

Well, a few reasons. It seems like the right thing to do vis-a-vis global
sustainability, etc. I'd like to save a little bit of money. And, reducing
the temperature of the box will increase the life/reliability of the

I average about 400 watts power consumption, and I think a large fraction
of that, perhaps even the majority, is my two computers on 24/7. Each watt
I save wins me around $0.60 annually; not much, true, but if I can manage
to save 50 watts, that's a dinner out.

My $0.02. :)


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