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Re: Where to go to learn about reducing electricity use?

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 12:01:30AM -0600, Reid Priedhorsky wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Jan 2007 03:30:14 +0100, Douglas Tutty wrote:
> >
> > Why are you worried about power consumption on a desktop?
> Hi Doug,
> Well, a few reasons. It seems like the right thing to do vis-a-vis global
> sustainability, etc. I'd like to save a little bit of money. And, reducing
> the temperature of the box will increase the life/reliability of the
> components.
> I average about 400 watts power consumption, and I think a large fraction
> of that, perhaps even the majority, is my two computers on 24/7. Each watt
> I save wins me around $0.60 annually; not much, true, but if I can manage
> to save 50 watts, that's a dinner out.

Hi Reid,

I'm assuming that you only have a screen on when you need it (I use
CRTs, no flat panels yet).  Look at if you really need two computers on
24/7.  FYI my box has internal temp = ambient (22 C) and CPU runs at 40

I would suggest poking around in your boxes finding out what specfically
in them is using the power.  Hook an ampmeter (or better yet RMS watt
meter but buying one would probably buy you a few years of the hydro you
may save by the exercise) to the AC to your computers.  With them shut
down, disconnect everyting but the main board and CPU fan (leave box
open).  Power that on and you'll see the power used by the MB/CPU, turn
of before POST finishes.  Then make up a power adapter to let you check
the current going to each of the drives.  In short, tally everything up
and see what could be reduced and don't assume that the biggest power
hog is the CPU.

If your CPU is a big hog, re-evaluate if you need such a powerfull CPU
and consider downgrading to a lower-power unit, possibly even a mobile

Consider consolidating so you only need one computer on 24/7.

Good hunting.



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