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Re: how to copy and/or rip DVDs with Debian?

On Monday 01 January 2007 23:37, vineyard saker wrote:
> I turns out that I needed either a Dual Layer DVD+R (DL) or a Double
> Layer DVD-R(DL) which each have  8.5GB of space (This is the first
> time I had heard of such double-layer DVDs)
> Today I bought three DVD+R(DL) and all went perfectly until I stuck
> the DVD into my regular (living room) DVD player which could not read
> it!  I tried on my computer with mplayer and it could read it with no
> problem whatsoever so the DVD itself is not at fault.  I can only
> conclude that some DVD players do not play DVD+R(DL).

I am told (although I don't have direct experience) that many NON PC DVD 
players only will read DVD-R NOT DVD+R (although I have also read that 
for data archiving DVD+R has better error protection).

I don't know the difference between DVD-R and DVD-R(DL) - but since your 
friends seem to have given you DVDs which you could play, my guess its 
the +R against the -R thing.

Alan Chandler

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