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Re: cli for iso files

Let me get this straight, you want to use a WM that is less resource 
hungry, but want an alternative to nautilus. You know you can install 
nautilus and run it on any window manager right? Are you that tight for 
harddisk space, and memory that you need something simple.

In most cases unless your running a 486, or have something like a 5 gig 
harddrive your not going to see a big speed increase for going to  
smaller WM. Yes you will have more space, and use less memory, but I 
would proably say your memory usage is not going to be drastically 
reduced. The only reason really is disk space, but nowadays it's almost a 
non issue. Now going to say a console and not running Xorg, or Xfree that 
might be worth it, if your memory is that low.

I have to agree with what has already been posted, most of the Gui's just 
call cdrecord, or mkisofs, or growisofs so knowing how to use those 
programs is almost a requirement. I know the man pages for those programs 
can be hard to digest, but most come with samples, and a quick google 
search will give you the needed examples. Also chances are that they will 
have more options than their gui cousins.

But switching to another WM and not thinking you can use you burning app 
because it's gnome or kde is doing yourself a disfavor. Use the programs 
you like be it KDE, or Gnome you might use more diskspace but that is 
what hard drives are for.

For example I have a laptop which runs Etch, WM is fluxbox running 
Rox-filer. It only has a 10 gig drive, I have most of Gnome, and KDE 
installed. Because I like Konqueror as a Man page viewer, and I like a 
few Gnome applications. Doing a quick du -h shows that I have over 4 
gig's left on home, and I am only using about 2 gig total if you count my 
home and all other partitions. This baby only has 256 MB and I must say 
Xorg probably takes up more then it's fair share of memory. It runs great 
with etch, now if it only had say 128 MB or less then I might be in some 

You might want to do a google search, and see if you can find some 
benchmarks, or memory usage stats for the WM's you are going to use. This 
might give you an idea of the benefit you will recieve by switching WM's, 
I must say that in most cases you will not see a drastic increase. Unless 
you compare load times of Xorg with say KDE or Gnome, to say Fluxbox, or 
one of OpenBox.


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