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Controlling mplayer via web interface


I am using debian sarge (3.1_r2) with a 2.6.19 kernel from
kernel.org. On this, I run a selfcompiled DirectFB 1.0.0-rc2 with
MPlayer SVN rev. 21804.

Playing all kinds of videos works quite well, watching them via the
dual head tv-out of my Matrox G450 is just fine.

Because my PC doesn't have a monitor or keyboard attached, I want to
control the mplayer via a web interface as follows:

A perl program runs in the background and starts up mplayer in a
pipe. Accepting telnet connections, it can forward given commands
via the pipe to mplayer.

Before my update vom woody 3.0, this worked well. Now, when I start
the perl program, the mplayer seems getting a SIGHUP from a process
which I can't identify (PID is new, uid is mine).

Running mplayer with the same arguments (as root or as me) works

The perl script mdaemon.pl is located at

Anyone here with ideas? I thought I knew perl basically, but it
seems not basically enough ..



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