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Re: [Thinkpad] Unable to Unmount Flash Drive

OpenOffice is bad for that. See if the quickstarter is running, and try opening an OO document on the hard drive.

On 12/31/06, John Serafin < jps@pobox.com> wrote:
On Sun, Dec 31, 2006 at 04:06:20AM -0800, Baz wrote:
> Hello -
> I'm getting the following error message every time I attempt to unmount my
> USB flash drive.
> Error
> Cannot unmount volume
> The volume was probably mounted manually on the command line.
> Details
> Device to unmount is not in /media/.hal-mtab so it is not mounted by HAL
> Contrary to the message, I didn't mount it manually on the command line.
>  It's been occurring now about a week.  Previously, there was no problem.  I
> guess it's not a big issue just pulling it out, but I'd rather do it the
> proper way.  Since it began, I've been going to Administration > Disk and
> simply disabling it.
> Sebastian

Some process has its current working directory on the flash drive or
some application has a file on the flash drive open.

the process needs to change its current working directory off the drive
or the application needs to close the file.

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