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Re: Migration from Debian/powerpc to Debian/i386

Eduardo Trápani <eduardo@esperanto.org.uy>:
>  I'm currently using Debian on an iMac G5. Everything is alright but I 
>  have to hand the computer over to another user and I will get a PC in 
>  return.
>  I'm not sure what would be the best path to follow to recreate my debian 
>  environment in the new machine.  I cannot repackage packages because the 
>  architecture is different,but maybe there is an automatic tool to save 
>  the configuration and the list of packages.
>  On top of that, I don't know if things like MySQL databases can be 
>  simply copied or if I should export/import them.  Is there a way to know 
>  if a package data is platform independent?  (little/big endian issues 
>  and things like that).

Congratulations on having asked the most intelligent and clueful
question I've seen in years.  I'm serious!  The responses to this
thread are most helpful and accurate answers to a long standing
problem of mine.  Thanks for asking it!  Good job.

To answer your question, follow the others' instructions.  If you also
want a personal home dir backup, you can do that with many tools.  I
like afio.  Tar+[bg]zip would do too.

   tar cjf /somewhere/big/blah.tbz .    # not tested.  man tar.

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