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Re: Making hotplugging my camera work

On Saturday 30 December 2006 19:32, Paul E Condon wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 30, 2006 at 10:04:01AM +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:
> > Can someone explain the processes that occur when I hot plug my
> > camera in and kde pops up a dialog asking whether I want to
> > download to digiKam, or open in a new window.
> I'm not an expert, but this may help:
> Cameras handle off-loading pictures in two different ways. The more
> fancy cameras have special proprietary protocols for data transfer,
> and give the user/owner special control options, but they require
> specialized software. Less expensive cameras simply fake a $soft FAT
> file system and let you use the file copy functions of your computer
> to grab the pictures. Part of digikam is a collection of cloned
> drivers for the expensive cameras.

You misunderstand my question.

I understand all that.  However, when I plug my camera in, KDE pops up a 
dialog box saying new hardware found what you you like to do.  One 
choice is to use digikam.

In the past when this has happened (with cameras which emulate usb mass 
storage and therefore do not need special drivers) digikam has put up a 
dialog box with thumbnails of all pictures in the camera, and an offer 
to select and download these into an album.

With my new camera (which has this same support) it fails whilst trying 
what show pictures it has in the camera.  The udev-hal-dbus chain is 
not working correctly because the mount point /media/sdg1 does not seem 
to have been created.

Furthermore - when I try and use udev to make the camera device 
have /dev/camera as its device, kde's dialog box pops up the first time 
after a reboot when I plug the device in, but not again when I unplug 
it and plug it in again.  If I do not have a udev rule to alter things 
it does pop up a dialog box every time.

In order to debug and track down what is not working, I am asking how 
the udev-hal-dbus chain interacts with kde and digikam, and where to 
look for configuration parameters so I can figure out what is not 
working due to configuration problems and what might be a bug in kde 
(or hal ...).

Alan Chandler

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