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Making hotplugging my camera work

Can someone explain the processes that occur when I hot plug my camera 
in and kde pops up a dialog asking whether I want to download to 
digiKam, or open in a new window.

The reason I am asking is twofold

1) Its not working with digiKam - digiKam has been told to look 
in /media/sdg1 (the device that udev has created is /dev/sdg1) but this 
is not there - however when you ask it to open a new window 
instead, /media/disk is created. This latter move does allow you to 
browse the pictures.

This is particularly wierd, because the device permissions for /dev/sdg1 
are 660 with owner and group of "root" - yet I am still able to read 
the data as user "alan".

2) I tried creating a udev rule that changed the device name 
to /dev/camera.  In this instance, it appears that the first time the 
device is created, kde does pop up the dialog box, but until I reboot 
the machine never does so again.  I suspect this is to do with the hal 
Alan Chandler

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