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Re: etch laptop system logs me out during inactivity (X crash?)

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On Sat, Dec 30, 2006 at 02:39:34PM -0500, Rick Reynolds wrote:
> I've seen this happening on my etch laptop more often recently (not 
> exactly sure when I first saw it, but it has probably been within the 
> last 3 months).  I generally keep the system relatively up-to-date 
> (almost always within a couple weeks of current testing).
> I typically leave my laptop on overnight, or just running while I'm 
> doing something else -- and during this time the laptop is basically 
> idle.  After some time, I'll return to the laptop and find that it has 
> kicked me out of my gnome session to the gdm login prompt screen.
> I see this in the messages file:
> Dec 30 09:11:50 gish gconfd (xxxx-####): Received signal 15, shutting 
> down cleanly
> Dec 30 09:11:50 gish gconfd (xxxx-####): Exiting
> I've googled a bit and not found a real cause, solution, or workaround. 
>  Some folks on the Ubuntu forums thought X was crashing and gconfd was 
> reacting to that.  As I indicated, my etch system is pretty current, and 
> 'X -version' reports version 7.1.1.  I'm also running kernel 2.6.17.
> Anyone else seeing this?  Anyone found the problem?
> Thanks,
Hi Rick,
There can be differnt causes: software, hardware...
what video driver are you using? If you use a 'safe' driver like vesa,
then it would point to a hardware issue vs using an 'unsafe' driver like
a close-source driver like 'nvidia'. You can also see if its X or not by
leaving X and going to the console then seeing if the laptop does
anything odd after a few hours. Some folks also have issues with screen
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