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can't see wireless card

hello all,
I've been trying to get my debian working with my new wireless network
card. Following different how-to's and discussion I was able to install
the rt2500 module (from greasemonkey) and the wireless-tools package
(it was not that easy: my only connection to the world is through a
single dual-boot computer, which means a few dozen restarts to overcome
dependency hell). The rt2500 seems to be running (it compiled with no
problems, and appears in lsmod). lspci recognizes the device as
'Network controller: RaLink Inc. : unknown device 0301' (from memory,
sorry for the approximate output - dual boot world). iwconfig declares
that none of 'lo', 'eth0' and 'sit0' are wireless devices, with no
mention of the card.
I'm still a bit on the newbie side, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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