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Re: Very ugly problem after upgrade and unistalling KDE

jiakomo wrote:
I 'm a new debian user (unstable) (gnome 2.14.3 - kernel 2.6.18-3-amd64).

I am also a victim of this bug :(

There are no file associations AT ALL - if I double click a file I get "couldn't
display "/path/file". I can only open files with right click -> open with other
application - and from console. In the "open with" list there is "no
applications selected" but when I try to add a program to the list nothing
happens. I don 't use KDE - only some apps (K3B)- so some KDE libs are
installed. This happens as root, too.

I still have not found a solution. Any ideas?

Where can I report this bug?
I saw this bug on unstable also (just recently) but the most recent upgrade I performed on my system (yesterday) fixed it all up. If you can, you (and the original poster) should upgrade. But like others have said, etch doesn't seem to be affected by things like this. HTH.

Jose Alburquerque

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