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Re: Very ugly problem after upgrade and unistalling KDE

Igor Guerrero <igfgt1 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,I got a problem, I do a upgrade, I'm using Debian sid and I got a problem
with my Gnome Desktop, apparently *all* the file associations have gone... when
I try to open an mp3 I can't, I have to choose "Open with" the problem is that
the association don't get saved. When I try to take a screenshot it give me this
> Unable to save the screenshot to disk:(null)*very nice gnome developers it
help a lot*Another problem is that I can't mount my device in gnome, It get
mounted but don't open the nautilus window.
> I can use the terminal, but not only me use my computer, and all my family
can't use the command line.Remember I make an upgrade and uninstall KDE from my
Debian system.I like sid but is to much *unstable*.
> I'm downloading Ubuntu right now... is this problem don't get solved, i gonna
install it.I don't known why the Debian have a lot of bugs in the desktop,
because this is not the first time that I have problems with my desktop.
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I 'm a new debian user (unstable) (gnome 2.14.3 - kernel 2.6.18-3-amd64).

I am also a victim of this bug :(

There are no file associations AT ALL - if I double click a file I get "couldn't
display "/path/file". I can only open files with right click -> open with other
application - and from console. In the "open with" list there is "no
applications selected" but when I try to add a program to the list nothing
happens. I don 't use KDE - only some apps (K3B)- so some KDE libs are
installed. This happens as root, too.

I still have not found a solution. Any ideas?

Where can I report this bug?

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