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Re: questions for when Etch goes stable

On 12/23/06, Alan Ianson <alianson@shaw.ca> wrote:
On Sat December 23 2006 10:33, Nigel Henry wrote:
> I've presently got 2 Sarge installs on the stable repo, and Etch on the
> testing repo. I've seen more than one post saying that testing was frozen,
> but since then I've had more updates for Etch, and tonight another 50MB of
> updates.

There will be lots of bug fixes.. :)

> I will probably keep my Etch install on testing when it goes stable, but
> forget what the new testing install is named. Doh.

Lenny, I think.

> One of my Sarge installs I will keep on the stable repo, which on dialup
> will be a lot of fun, as it upgrades to Etch
> The other Sarge install I will rename in /etc/apt/sources.list to sarge.
> what will be the status of this Sarge install? Are there going to be any
> updates, bugfixes, security fixes, or is this Sarge install going to be a
> lost cause?

It will remain as it is, you'll be running sarge or oldstable. There will
continue to be security updates for a time (probably a short time).

> I will probably keep this install on the Sarge repo, as folks
> from time to time who havn't upgraded, might have questions related to
> Sarge, and it's nice to be able to boot up an older version to check how
> it's setup, and perhaps provide some answers to questions.

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Yea, I was wondering something similar.  I'm running etch.  After I read the replies, I checked my source list - and, all are etch, except CD #1 and #2, which are "testing_etch."

So, when etch becomes stable, I just simply need to install the updates and then it will be the same as stable etch?


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