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Re: Very ugly problem after upgrade and unistalling KDE

I'd create a new user and the I got the same problem.

On 12/21/06, Kent West <westk@is.acu.edu> wrote:

On 12/21/06, Igor Guerrero <igfgt1@gmail.com> wrote:

How do I solve the problem?

> with my Gnome Desktop, apparently *all* the file associations have
> gone...
> when I try to open an mp3 I can't, I have to choose "Open with" the
> problem

Not being a user of Gnome, I don't know the correct answer, but what I'd try is logging out of Gnome, renaming all your Gnome-related directories in your home directory, and then logging back in. If that solves the problem, you're a step closer to knowing which files are the problem. If that does not solve the problem, you can be fairly confident it's system-wide rather than a user-specific problem (but I'd still create a new user and test with that user to make absolutely certain).

Again, this is not a fix necessarily, but it might get you closer to one.

Kent West

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