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Re: New User Information Request

On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 12:15:28AM +0000, Clive Menzies wrote:
> On (20/12/06 15:30), Laura J. Portscheller wrote:
> > I am very new to linux.  I have used it to a minimal extent and like
> > it, but have no experience in system administration and all the many
> > technical matters involved with it.  I want to install linux on my
> > laptop and want to make sure that there are no compatibility problems
> > with your product.  I first tried to install fedora core 6 and it
> > would not operate properly, even with the attempts to resolve the
> > matter by very experienced users.  I wanted to make sure that your
> > product will be completely compatible with my computer.  I have a new
> > HP dv9000 17 inch widescreen laptop with 2 100GB hard drives, and
> > nvidia gforce praphics card, bluetooth, and an AMD processor.  Thanks
> The easiest way to verify that your laptop will run debian is, download
> a knoppix or ubuntu live CD and if they work you will be able to install
> debian:
> http://www.knoppix.org/
> http://www.ubuntu.com/
> nvidia cards are fairly well supported
Hi Laura,
one of my user group members recently bought a amd64 laptop and said
that it works flawlessly with mint linux (a variant of Ubuntu). This
would suggest that while not perfect, laptop support is steadily
improving in Gnu/Linux. As Clive suggests, testing with a live cd of
knoppix at a retailer will give an indication as to its support for pure
debian. You should install 'etch' (although in testing, it will be
stable  soon) as its the version that will support your hardware. If are
dual boothing, then you will need to resize your partition before you
install, as this makes things much easier. 
The things that will most likely to cause problems: sata/pata, graphics
reasonably sure to work: bluetooth, sd card, cf card, network, sound,
usb, firewire.
When you get the latest netinstall, please ask about any issue you have
here or on #debian on irc.debian.org.
You may also want to join the debian-women mailing list (and its
#debian-women on irc). Its an initiaive to get more women involved with
Gnu/Linux in Debian by those women who are already Debian developers.
Also check out women.debian.org!
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