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Re: New User Information Request

On (20/12/06 15:30), Laura J. Portscheller wrote:
> I am very new to linux.  I have used it to a minimal extent and like
> it, but have no experience in system administration and all the many
> technical matters involved with it.  I want to install linux on my
> laptop and want to make sure that there are no compatibility problems
> with your product.  I first tried to install fedora core 6 and it
> would not operate properly, even with the attempts to resolve the
> matter by very experienced users.  I wanted to make sure that your
> product will be completely compatible with my computer.  I have a new
> HP dv9000 17 inch widescreen laptop with 2 100GB hard drives, and
> nvidia gforce praphics card, bluetooth, and an AMD processor.  Thanks

The easiest way to verify that your laptop will run debian is, download
a knoppix or ubuntu live CD and if they work you will be able to install


nvidia cards are fairly well supported



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