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Re: smooth upgrades

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 02:20:16PM -0800, tom arnall wrote:
> and until 'etch' becomes 'stable', do i get rid of the ref's to 'stable' in 
> sources.list once i've replaced 'testing' with 'etch'? or have the ref's 
> to 'stable' been ignored all along, beginning at the point where i put the 
> ref's to 'testing' in sources.list?

ugh. that's another problem. what is the contents of apt.conf? 

and how about uname -a? 

IOW, what are you currently running? just because you have both stable
and testing in your sources.list doesn't mean you are necessarily
running one or the other. 

If you are truly running testing, then you can comment out the stable
lines. If you are running stable then the move to testing is a big one
and not taken lightly. 


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