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Re: smooth upgrades

On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 11:33:10AM -0800, tom arnall wrote:
> On Monday 18 December 2006 11:10, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> >
> > largely. Are you currently pointed at testing or at etch? If at
> > testing, you might want to change to etch so you don't get caught out.
> >
> > my one etch server has really calmed down on the upgrades in the last
> > couple weeks. Of course, there's not much on there (mail, imap,
> > various shares, clamav and a couple others...).

> Thanks for getting back to me. By 'pointed at Etch', do you mean get rid of 
> the 'testing' addresses and have only 'stable' in 'sources.list'? Hate being 
> a nervous nelly, but it means a lot to me to get a solid os on my machine. I 
> want to be able to promote linux among my friends, but can do this only if I 
> can easily support them.

I suggest you change your source.list to 'etch' which is currently
synonymous with 'testing'. That way you'll follow etch into
stable. after 'etch' has migrated to stable, you could change your
sources.list to point to 'stable' so that you don't follow 'etch' into
'oldstable'. I would make that change from 'testing' to 'etch' right
away so you don't accidently get caught in the beowulf-cluster-fsck
that will happen in 'testing' after 'etch' moves into stable. Making
that change right now will NOT affect the system as 'etch' and
'testing' are the same thing at this moment. 

warning! train platform analogy! warning!

okay, here's how I view the releases. Debian is like a set of
trains. There are a limited number of platforms for getting on the
trains. Each platform has a name and they are 'experimental',
'unstable', 'testing', 'stable' and 'oldstable' (are there any
more?). Each train has a name too, though the train doesn't get named
until its on the track between the unstable and testing
platforms. currently, there are four named trains: 'woody', which is
parked at the 'oldstable' platform, 'sarge' which is parked at the
'stable' platform, and 'etch' which is parked at the 'testing'
platform. The fourth one, 'sid' is a special case -- its a train that
is still being assembled at the 'unstable' platform and is rolled
piece-meal down the track, added to whatever train is sitting at the
'testing' platform, currently 'etch'. So 'etch' is at the 'testing'
platform getting the final touches put on it before it moves down the
line to the 'stable' platform pushing 'sarge' and 'woody' down the
line. unfortunately for 'woody', the line ends just on the other side
of the 'oldstable' platform and the poor guy will get mothballed and
left on a siding. 

Okay. there are two basic ways to use the debian train. 1) buy a
ticket for a particular train. you can buy tickets for any of the
named trains, 'etch', 'sarge', 'woody', etc. When you buy this ticket,
you board the train and use its tools at whatever platform it is
currently parked at and you'll ride that train right on down to the
end of the line. unless you change your ticket (there is no service
charge for this). 2) rent a seat at one of the platforms 'unstable',
'testing', 'stable' etc. you can rent
a seat at any platform and make use of whatever tools are on the train you
want while that train is parked at that platform. However, when the
train moves on to the next platform, you are left behind at the
station, and have to use the tools from the next train coming down the
line. Again, you can change your tickets at any time for no fee. 

The only caveat to ticket changing is that the train is running up a
VERY steep hill from 'experimental' to 'oldstable'. In order to get
from one of the lower platforms like 'unstable' or 'testing' to one of
the higher platforms like 'stable' or 'oldstable', you have to either
do a LOT of climbing (this is called downgrading. don't know why as
its an uphill climb ;-P ) or you have to change to a train ticket and
catch a ride up there. Realise of course, that the tools available at
the next train station will then be the same ones as you currently
use, because you're riding on the train with that set of tools. 

warning! application of train analogy! warning!

okay, so you're currently renting a seat at the testing station and
using the tools on that train, which is called etch. however, you know
that this train, etch,  is about to pull out of the station. If you like
the tools on this train, you better hop on it now before it pulls out
of the station. Otherwise, you'll have to use the tools on the next
train, called 'lenny', but those tools are still being refined as they
pull into the station. You'll have to do some hacking while it all
gets organized and polished up.

end of train analogy. thank you  for participating and have a great trip.


sorry everyone. 



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