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ETCH Installation succes :-) WAS: New Debian User

Well didn't know what happened :-)

Guess the RAMS didn't emptying itself at first, but today when I
want to solve to "X aborting" thing, the Gnome suddenly appear on the
screen :-D

Oh boy !!!!!!

This is what have wanted for so long !

Debian on my own box !!!

The installation was a breeze, actually I just had to hit "Enter" all
the way except when user and passwords had to be typed in and space
when I had to select some choices. All the way the installer did find
the right hardware etc.

For a start I had to write "installgui" at the boot prompt. The
GUI-installer is very nice except for some translation errors US > DA

At the end of the install were I was told to hit enter for ejecting the
CD, I had to hit it 3-4 times before it finally pushed out the CD and
the reboot could start.

When I boot in to the freshly buildt debian it couldn't find the screen.
I was prepared for this though because the ATI graphic cards are known
to cause some troubles.

John C here at this list pointed out to me that I should replace "ati"
with "radeon" in my xorg.config.
It worked perfectly!!

When rebooting the X server aborted "X: user not authorized to run the
X server, aborting.
giving up."

This was last night, to day when I wanted to solve this issue the Gnome
suddenly came up at my screen.


Time for testing:
Fire up Epiphany.......Im on the internet !!

Via synaptic-asking for CD-yes-Installing Claws-email (which I have
read a lot good things about)..... setting up my email.....
YES mail !!!!

Inserting my USB-stick.....contact-yes-copying some stuff to ~/..cool!

Inserting my external harddrive....contact-yes-copying some music to
~/ !!

Fire up Ryhtmbox............. oh dear.....Good old John Denver never
sounded better !!!!!

My first experience with debian is a success everything works right out
of the box!!!
And now it's time to catch up with lost linux knowledge (shouldn't be
so hard, got this list :-)

To the debian crowd, if you see this - Thumbs up!!


Registred Linux user #133791

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