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Re: xine video playback jumpy

andy wrote:
The playback on xine seems to be quite jumpy. Is there anything that I can do (e.g. an option, for example) that will change this and make the play-back smoother?

One thing to try is to make sure DMA is turned on for your drives (particularly DVD drive, if you're playing a DVD when you notice the jumpiness, or hard drive if you notice it when playing from a locally-stored file). Google for "hdparm" for more info.

Another thing is to throw more RAM at the problem, or to reduce RAM consumption (try Icewm instead of KDE, shut down unneeded apps, etc).

Also, make sure you're not running low on drive space on any partitions.

Kent West
http://kentwest.blogspot.com <http://kentwest.blogspot.com/>

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