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re: if I were a newby how would I get sound?

Try apt-cache search jack if memory serves that's a package that can get cdrom's playing out of the cdrom jack. Even if you don't have speakers you may still have a sound card and if that's the case try plugging those earphones into the sound card to listen. Doing apt-cache search "search string" | more can be a very helpful command after apt-get update has completed successfully since it searches package names and package descriptions for what interests you. You probably want to run the updatedb command as root when you're disconnected from the internet and then try locate "search string" too. That command does much the same as apt-cache search does except it limits the search to what's on your system. Then there's the grep command man grep to do even a finer search inside files on your local system. A few useful files to download would be apt-get install less -r and apt-get install lg-all and apt-get install doc-linux-text and apt-get install debian-reference. Your main documentation location is in /usr/share/doc and directories inside that directory; for instance doc-linux-text places its own directory in /usr/share/doc and all documentation you'll find has a .z extension on it inside doc-linux-text/en/ directory using zless can open those files up for you and let you read them. It's not the only way that can be done but is one that's a possibility.

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