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Re: smooth upgrades

On Saturday 18 November 2006 17:33, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 18, 2006 at 07:47:21PM -0500, Leonid Grinberg wrote:
> > I assume that you mean that upgrades do not break your system. Testing
> > is always better at this than Unstable. Etch is a particular example,
> > because it will become stable soon.
> Upgrades in testing or unstable always risking breaking our system.
> Once testing is frozen, this possibility greatly diminishes as the
> threshold to introduce new packages into testing is very high.  However,
> right after release, testing can become a complete disaster for a month
> or so as all the packages that have accumulated in Sid start propogating
> into testing.  Unfortunately, propogations do not always come in the
> right order.
> Regards,
> -Roberto

there are problems in my system from my last testing upgrade. will these go 
away once Etch becomes the stable distro?

also, what is the best way to find out when Etch has become stable?


tom arnall
north spit, ca

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