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Re: New Debian user

Oh boy oh boy ........ :-)

Well i did use the graphical installer which is quite nice despite
some translations hickups ! It was all a matter of hitting Enter and
Space and define some password for root and user. Apparantly it did
find it all....... BUT:

Right now I in the console running single-user mode (writing from my
wife's laptop).

2 things to do, to make it right (at the moment):

1. When install finished, I got in to my user account just to be told
that it didn't find my screen (AAAAAARGH!!!!)

2. I couldn't sudo, because I wasn't in the sudoers (AAAAARRRRGH!!!!)

So as of # 1
I'm going to do the ATI > VESA trick and download the fglrx driver
stuff and run the aticonfig command.
But is this the right thing to do ?? Tried to install 'mc' but it
looks quite awfull.
It's obvious that my debian dont like ATI graphic cards :-(
What do everyone else do that have the same graphic card ?? ATI Radeon X700.

As of # 2
What is the syntax of the sudoers file ?? Or is there a smarter linux
command that'll do the trick ? (my linux capabilities has got quite
rusty over the years :-)

Any help are highly appreciated !!!!!


2006/12/16, Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com>:
On Sat, Dec 16, 2006 at 07:54:09PM +0100, Niels Rasmussen wrote:
> Andrew Sackville-West skrev:
> >On Sat, Dec 16, 2006 at 03:11:34PM +0100, Niels Rasmussen wrote:
> >
> >>I wonder, if I put that LiveCD with Ubuntu back in, is there some
> >>commands I can use to get all the info I need to install "Etch" ???
> >>
> >
> >debootstrap. I'm sure ubuntu has got it. you can save yourself a
> >download and burn (sort of). Boot that live cd, use it to
> >partition your hd however you like, mount the new / partition and use
> >debootstrap to install the basic system. more details here:
> >
> >http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apcs04.html.en
> >
> >just point it to the debian mirrors and away you go. Its a little more
> >complicated than a straight install, but sure can teach you a lot
> >fast.
> >
> >A
> >
> Naa I'll think I stick with the CD-installation.
> btw:
> Is this the correct place to download the "Etch" edition for my system ??
> http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/weekly-builds/amd64/iso-cd/

yeah, I think so.


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