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Re: New Debian user

Etch, certainly. However, be prepared for Etch to be "obsolete" well
before the next Debian release. You will most likely want to change
your pointers to either "testing" or "unstable", but don't do that
until you are comfortable with Debian and the apt way of package
management as a user. I've been using Unstable for the last 6 years,
and I can attest to the benefits of continual development vs. leaps
at "release" time, but only for a desktop system where you're already
accustomed to fiddling with it.

Okay Etch it is :-)

When you say pointers, do you mean editing the sourcelist ?

If you want to confirm hardware detection, get a copy of KNOPPIX. If
KNOPPIX recognizes the hardware right away, then you'll have no

Yesterday I've tried a LiveCD with Ubuntu on it. It works very well
though, it did find all my hardware without a hassle whatsoever.
I just want a clean Debian system where I control what's behind the scenes.

First things first, get the "netinstall" version. It may or may not
support your wireless card, so the most efficient way to do it is to
connect via a wired ethernet port to your router/ISP. If you simply
cannot connect via wire, see if KNOPPIX detects your wireless card.
If so, you can find out what driver module it's using and be ready.
Netinst will make sure that you have the latest packages. Since
packages on the CDs and DVDs are selected by need, then usage, you
can get 99% of a basic system off of just CD#1 and more like 5 9's
with the DVD#1. So it's really up to you.

My router is connected directly to my machine. I have tried to install
"sarge" with a Netinst CD but the installation failed, that's what
brought me here :-)

Here's the installer page, pick your flavor:


Hmm the page seems to be down at the moment :-/

While lots of people are going to suggest aptitude, if all you want to
do is install GNOME then "tasksel" is a way to get yourself off to a
fast start. Personally, I use dselect as my package management tool,
but it's a Neanderthal command-line based tool, with very high
granularity in terms of package selection. Try it some time.

I'll do that :-)

You're right that development of Linux in both kernel and userland has
been remarkable in the last 6 years. That's about how long ago I
erased Windows from my personal system, and I have not regretted it
at all. I'm _very_ happy with the tools I have available compared to
Windows. My hope right now is to get something like what you have, I
would love to play with 64bit and multiple CPU cores. After my ship
comes in, I guess.

Actually I cant tell you how it is, because the WinXP/Vista RC1 I had
was both a 32bit.

So I'm very excited about how this goes :-)

Really, the only suggestion I can make that you might not hear a
hundred times over, is to get KNOPPIX first and verify your hardware.
The AMD64 will run i386 code just fine, and KNOPPIX makes an
invaluable rescue/repair disk to keep on hand.

I wonder, if I put that LiveCD with Ubuntu back in, is there some
commands I can use to get all the info I need to install "Etch" ???

Don't hesitate to let debian-user know how the install goes, we've all
been there and it's fun to see it through someone else's eyes. After
all, installing is something we don't deal with every day. With
Debian, you only have to install once.

I will, thanks !

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