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ldap server restart

Hi list,

does anybody run an openldap server on debian? I have such server running on etch which holds a very big database. I always have problems when restarting the server because on stop it gets corrupted. I have investigated a little and I think it depends on the way it gets stopped in the slapd init.d script. When stopping the slapd daemon it performs some operations to keep the database consistent, but since it is a rather big database this operations my last for long time. The slapd script waits a little then sends a kill signal to the process ("--retry 10" parameter of the start-stop-daemon script), which stops, but makes the database corrupted. Did anybody experience the same problem? Personally I have modified the slapd init.d script ("changed to --retry -15/30") and now it works fine to me. I have also written a mail to pkg-openldap-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org but until now I didn't get any answer. According to me this is a big problem if someone is running a production ldap server and I would like to discuss with somebody if my solution is good or not.

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