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Re: ldap server restart

On Tuesday, 19.12.2006 at 12:09 +0100, Fabrizio Lippolis wrote:

> does anybody run an openldap server on debian? I have such server 
> running on etch which holds a very big database. I always have problems 
> when restarting the server because on stop it gets corrupted. I have 
> investigated a little and I think it depends on the way it gets stopped 
> in the slapd init.d script. When stopping the slapd daemon it performs 
> some operations to keep the database consistent, but since it is a 
> rather big database this operations my last for long time. The slapd 
> script waits a little then sends a kill signal to the process ("--retry 
> 10" parameter of the start-stop-daemon script), which stops, but makes 
> the database corrupted. Did anybody experience the same problem? 
> Personally I have modified the slapd init.d script ("changed to --retry 
> -15/30") and now it works fine to me. I have also written a mail to 
> pkg-openldap-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org but until now I didn't get 
> any answer. According to me this is a big problem if someone is running 
> a production ldap server and I would like to discuss with somebody if my 
> solution is good or not.

I'd suggest raising a full Debian bug report on this one: if data
corruption is taking place, this should be sorted.

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