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Re: gmplayer up the creek for DVDs

Sven Arvidsson on 18/12/06 14:43, wrote:
On Mon, 2006-12-18 at 14:30 +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:
mplayer is working pretty well on my system with DVDs, but gmplayer is a disaster.

My main problems (which are fine when run from the comand line) are:

- the aspect ratio is wrong (the pic is too tall)

- choosing the play button or 'play' from the menu plays the intro splash, not the whole dvd and I can't find a way to do that

I completely de-installed them both to eliminate any old config I might have had, and re-installed, but that had no effect.

How? apt-get remove leaves all config files on the system, using apt-get
purge will delete them. Any configuration files in you home directory is
never removed.

gmplayer seems to have a different configuration file than mplayer,
maybe the video output is different between the two and that's why the
aspect ratio is wrong?

I thought -purge deleted everything. I shall try again....

OK, there was no gmplayer config, but there was some mplayer config and I deleted that, but it made no difference to the aspect ratio.

Interestingly, after downloading a few other DVD players, I found that kmplayer works fine - this uses mplayer, but it is also based on xine, so I guess it could be using that instead.

I checked out vlc and that just like kmplayer operates fine too.

Ogle seemed to be OK for the aspect ratio too (but I couldn't get the sound working and it appears there are very few configuration options).

Thanks for the help,


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