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Re: .bash_profile ignored in X

Russell L. Harris wrote:
During configuration of another machine running Etch, I discovered
that .bash_profile appears to be ignored when logging into X.

Specifically, the problem is that the "~/bin" directory does not
appear in the path when, in an X terminal, I execute:

    $ echo $PATH

However, when I switch over to a virtual terminal and as the same user
execute the same command, "~/bin" does appear in the path.

Double-checking, I find that the same thing now happens on this
I suspect that a package upgrade caused the problem, because a
makefile which ran without error in an X terminal on this machine a
few weeks ago now fails because it cannot find a link which is in
"~/bin".  However, the file runs without error from a virtual terminal.



I ran into the exact same thing a few months ago. As the other poster suggested, I had to put the path definitions in my .bashrc so that the commands in ~/bin could be recognized when running X.

Jose Alburquerque

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