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Re: Advice on staying current

Kevin Mark wrote:
On Sat, Dec 16, 2006 at 06:17:45PM +0000, andy wrote:
What I was trying to get at in my original post was to see if there was a way
of upgrading one's system by running a system-wide check which would then be
cross-referenced to the sources, leading to out-of-date libs, etc. being
identified for download.


Hi Andy,
when you update your local dpkg database, it only has the lastest data,
as it creates a new one and does not save the old data. So there is no
reference to 'out-of-date' anything. You can use deborphan or debfoster
to 'trim the fat' once in a while, with caution. But just 'apt-get
update' or similar is all you need. 

Thanks for your reply. I run apt-get update every couple of days or so, so guess that I am taking care of this already. If that's all there is to it, I must confess that is about the easiest way I have yet come across to keep one's software up-to-date. Again, well done developers! Nice job.


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