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dist-upgrade removing current kernel

Hi, I did some searching on this in the archive and found some stuff
but nothing that fully satisfies me.  When a new minor 2.6 kernel
revision, 2.6.17, was available for Etch, an "aptitude dist-upgrade"
wanted to install this new kernel AND remove my 2.6.16 kernel revision
(which understandably was my most recent kernel version and the one I
was currently booted to).  I tried a few things to get aptitude to just
leave my 2.6.16 kernel alone such as

	aptitude hold linux-image-2.6.16-2-k7

but a "dist-upgrade" seemed to ignore/override this.  When I couldn't
come up with a quick way to have it leave my 2.6.16 kernel alone, I
eventually booted to a different kernel revision and let 'aptitude
dist-upgrade' do as it wanted, ie. uninstall my 2.6.16 kernel revision.
Now, I'm experiencing the identical situation with the recently
released 2.6.18 kernel revision for Etch.  I'm perfectly happy with the
package manager leaving my currently installed kernels alone while
simultaneously adding newer kernel versions and releases.  If I want to
remove old kernels at some point, I'll do so explicitely.  Anyone have
any ideas for me?



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