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Re: recommended Debian package for burning CDs...

On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 16:53 -0500, Wayne Topa wrote: 
>  I don't have any symlink for cdrecord on this etch/testing box.  I found
>  out that it was gone when I tried to use an alias I have in .bashrc
>  to write a CD.  It was news to me that cdrecord had been replaced.

Maybe you or aptitude removed the dummy by mistake?

> Filing a bug report from here doesn't seem to work.  I filed 5 in the past
> month, using reportbug, and none have ever shown up on the bug list, AFAICT.

As long as you have some way to send mail, filing bug reports should not
be a problem. You can simply dump the output from reportbug (I think it
saves the reports in /tmp) and insert it into your favourite mailer. 

Alternatively, you can file bugs manually by following the guidelines
here: (Simply putting pseudo headers in the body of your message).

> I forwarded 2 to the maintainers and have not heard a word from either.  :-(
> No X on this box since the Xorg 7.1.0. :-(

Is this the problems described in the "xorg 7.1.1 upgrade problem" thread? If 
so, I will try to respond with a few suggestions.

Keep in mind, most maintainers seems to be swamped by bug reports, the
X11 maintainers are no exception I guess. 

Sven Arvidsson
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