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Re: Debian install to init 3?

On 12/8/06, Ishwar Rattan <ishwar@pali.cps.cmich.edu> wrote:

I just installed Debian form the binary-1 CD and Internet.

The system used Gdm/Genome by default. How do I make not to start
X-windowes so that I can up dist-upgrade etc. (I think that it is
level 3)?

Are you using d-i etch RC1 ? If yes, i would recommend you log into
GNOME and use synaptic package manager or let the update-notifier tell
you that there are updates (you will see a notification icon on top

If you really want a terminal you can change the 'session' before log
in or just open the gnome-terminal after log in. This is valid for
both Sarge and Etch (d-i RC1).

-- stratus

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