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Re: Debian install to init 3?

On 12/8/06, Ishwar Rattan <ishwar@pali.cps.cmich.edu> wrote:
I just installed Debian form the binary-1 CD and Internet.
The system used Gdm/Genome by default. How do I make not to start
X-windowes so that I can up dist-upgrade etc. (I think that it is
level 3)?

I change all our Debian servers (~200 of 'em) to start up in character mode...
That way only those who know what they are doing can navigate...
Edit /etc/inittab, change "id:5:initdefault:" to "id:2:initdefault:", save the file and reboot. If, at some point, you want to run the desktop you can do so by entering "init 5" at the command prompt. Enjoy! - Larry

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