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Re: alternatives to sane in scanner software.......

> Hello after a while on this.  I have tried xsane in Debian and Fedora until
> I am blue in the face and I can't get it to work.  I am starting to think
> the only way to get a scanner to work in Linux is if you write the program
> in assembler code and hire an idiot savant to configure it.
> I get all these weird I/O output crashes. Sane sort of works but is flaky
> sometimes.  I have tried the gimp quite insane thing and it also dies with
> the I/O problem.

Looks like the problem is with the sane driver itself, then.
I've had no such problem with those programs, but I use the hpoj driver
which I gather is written with some help from the manufacturer.  I don't
hold HP in my heart, but they do provide good GNU/Linux support for their
printers and scanners in my experience.  I think it's something worth
remembering when you shop for a new device.

> Vuescan works instantly and effusively.   But it is proprietary.
> Does anyone know of some even really crappy alternative?  What is
> xscanimage?  Does it work?  Is it in the packages?

I think your best bet is to try to get in touch with the maintainer(s) of
your sane driver (IIUC the driver for your Benq is can be found at


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