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Re: alternatives to sane in scanner software.......

>> > I have given up on sane with my scanner.
>> I guess you mean xsane.  If so, a bewildering interface, a badgering
>> licence message, and a lack of stability, make this a program to avoid.

Hmm... interesting.  I started with the software that HP distributes with
my OfficeJet: a complete waste of time.  So when I upgraded to xsane it
seemed really good.

As a matter of fact it has worked reliably for me, AFAIR.  The only problem
I've had with it is that the PDF it produces doesn't display correctly on
Mac OS X's preview, so I always have to pass it through pdf2ps|ps2pdf (which
happens to also generate somewhat smaller files ;-).

The interface in general isn't amazingly smooth, but I found it OK.

>> Quiteinsane (gimp2.0-quiteinsane) is a simpler alternative.

I'll have to try it more seriously, but my first impression is that it's not
what I need: I mostly scan a bunch of pages with the ADF (or manually from
a book) and don't care much for image-editing features, so all the GIMP
thingy comes as a hindrance more than a help.

The ability to reorganize pages after the scan but before generating the PDF
(which xsane offers me in a primitive but usable way) is crucial in all
those cases where the ADF gets wedged or something.

OTOH it may be just what I need for those rare cases where I want to scan
a few photos.

Does anyone have some other favorite (Free Software) scanner program
to recommend?


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