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Re: trying to combine apt-cdrom and apt-get install.....

On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 12:42:20AM +0000, Michael Fothergill wrote:
> >why are you not just pulling packages from the net?
> I could do it, but I prefer using the DVDs.  My idea is to get to a state 
> where I bootstrap download DVD images using jigdo and thus minimise the 
> load on the debian servers and also to then exclusively use the DVDs 
> locally on my machine from then on permanently so as to further reduce 
> antisocial load on the servers.
> This is the idea.  I am have also installed Debian on my machine at work 
> and am now about to put it on another one in the laboratory (I run my own 
> company so I can choose the OS for the business as it grows).  These are 
> old machines so they run on CD drives not DVDs but they are not connected 
> to the internet.  If I get more capital into the business I would get some 
> more and newer machines but probably not have an internet link to all of 
> them.  So CDs and DVDs are useful to me.

Another alternative is to use a hard drive (either in a USB
enclosure if your old computers have USB, or an internal IDE you move
around) that you have connected to your main box and use it for an
apt-proxy (or other such package) repository of the packages that you
actually use.


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