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Re: Firefox crashing on gmail

On Tue, Dec 05, 2006 at 06:53:06PM -0800, Scarletdown wrote:
   > To me, the most sensible solution is to set up an actual email client
   > (like Evolution, for example) to access your GMail account(s) via POP
   > and SMTP.  For receiving, the server is simply pop.gmail.com with SSL
   > Encryption and Password as the authentication type.
   > For sending, it is smtp.gmail.com, SSL Encryption, Authentication Type:
   > Plain
Problem is, what was normally working has begun crashing. We are
trying to look at a solution for that. Settinp up a mail retrieval and
forwarding system, though a solution for mail issues, is not the answer
I am looking at.

FWIW, the gmail notifier extension for firefox works without a problem.
The crash occurs when we try to read the mail. So far, the Inbox screen
is displayed and within a second or so the browser crashes :-(

I tried with swiftfox also. Same behaviour noticed. onqueror has not
crashed, but I do not get the enhanced view of gmail.

Thanks for your suggestion.


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