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Re: backup archive format saved to disk

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 12/05/06 18:27, Mike McCarty wrote:

You could implement your own FEC. A very simple form of FEC is simply

Yes, but *why*?  Tape storage systems have been using ECC for decades.

You are the only one who can answer this question. AFAIK, tape systems
have *not* been using FEC. The systems I've used have implemented
ED, but not EDAC.

There's a whole lot of "Linux people" who's knowledge of computer
history seems to have started in 1991, and thus all the many lessons
learned in 30 years of computing are lost.

I can't help that.

How about stating some measureable goals in the form of requirements
instead of just complaining that some systems don't meeet your needs?
Then perhaps some of us could suggest possible solutions. At present,
I feel like whatever I suggest is going to be met with another objection
that an as-yet-unstated requirement is not being met.

You seem to have just added a requirement that what you use be something
which was used on tape before 1991.

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