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Re: backup archive format saved to disk

Tyler MacDonald wrote:


	When the /dump partition starts to get a bit full somewhere, I
create a DVD image of some of the tarballs and burn off 4 copies. Two stay
at home, one goes to my friend that is managing the repo, and one gets
mailed to a friend in austria.

You are effectively using a BCH code with a Hamming distance of 2. This
same distance can be achieved with only three copies. Now, if you have
a way to know which copy got corrupted (IOW, you have three states
for any given bit: 0, 1, missing, as opposed to just 0, 1) then your
method is better, because correcting mising bits takes less information
than corrected corrupted bits. But if you have no way to detect missing
bits, then you are doing effectively no better than you could with just
three discs.


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