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Re: what's the killer app for GNU/Linux systems?

Douglas Tutty writes:
> No.  The forums are clearly stated on the web-site (not just assumed by
> the culture) that they and anything posted to them are public.  This
> releases the rest of us from liability if we redistribute your code.

I don't think it does.  We are free to download the code and read it and
probably run it, but I don't see how we get any distribution rights.

Nate Duehr wrote:
> I could start sprinkling code into my signature line and then sue
> everyone who quotes it on a mailing list?  Yeah, right.  It'd actually be
> fun to see someone try that and see how far it got in the legal system.

There is clearly an implied license (in addition to fair use) to quote such
things.  However, if there was enough code to qualify for copyright
protection you might very well be able to prevent me from selling copies of

Copyright law is what it is, not what we want it to be.
John Hasler

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