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Re: what's the killer app for GNU/Linux systems?

Matthew Krauss wrote:
Nate Duehr wrote:
Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:
A killer app is an application that compels one to use a certain
system. On Debian lists, someone mentioned that meld, a GUI diff
utility, was killer. I can't think of any I have because I moved to
GNU/Linux for its said overall magnificence, instead of a particular
application, and today there's isn't one utility I admire so much I'd
consider such... maybe gnome-terminal, lsof, grep, top,
epiphany-browser, or less. I'd mention admirance for Blender, GCC,
Python but they are cross-platform. I'd mention GNOME, but it's a 100
apps. So I give up and ask you, what's your killer app(s)?

The kernel.

Without it, I wouldn't be here.


Okay, I can top that: The GPL.

:-) twice.


Nah, if there had been no GPL, Linus would have probably licensed under the BSD license. (Just a guess there, since that's a fake world that never existed, but...)

My assertion: The kernel is more important than the license. Code trumps license. No code, no need to even use or have a license... whatever it is.


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