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Re: apt-cdrom and dvd's

On 12/5/06, Michael Fothergill <mikef20000@hotmail.com> wrote:
Dear Debian folks,

I tried using apt-cdrom add to let me scan my Sarge 3.1 r4 DVD I just

But the machine sniffed for a CDROM in the CD RW drive and didn't go for the
DVD in the DVD RW drive......

But there is no apt-dvd add command or so it seems?

Unless there is a hidden dumbness here, can anyone think of a way to get OS
to sniff in my new DVD and e.g. add any new packages that are in there (the
OS is nominally Sarge 3.1 r3 with some net upgrades but probably not
absolutely everything......

At the moment if I choose a new package with apt it will direct me to the
appropriate CDROM number in the Sarge CD set.

This is probably because the contents of the CD are more recent than
those in the DDV. Else, look at  /etc/apt/sources/list and see what's
listed first. If it's the DVD, then my statement is right, and if not,
change it to be the DVD...

It would be nice if I can tweak it to default to the DVD number (either 1 or
2) instead.

See above...

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